BEAULI™ - Breast Augmentation and Reconstruction by Lipotransfer

18th International BEAULI Symposium
June 10 - 11, 2022 | Berlin

Program - 2 days full of BEAULI goodness.

7.45 am Registration
ISAPS Lecture and Introduction
8.30 am The Principles of Mega Volume Fat Grafting
Ueberreiter, Germany
Life Surgery:
9.00 am Breast augmentation by BEAULI
Implant removal and exchange for fat
Mastopexy and fat graft
Fat graft to the Face
Fat graft to the hands
10.30 am Coffee Break
2.00 pm Lunch Break in the Exhibition Area
Basic Science:
3.30 pm Biological basics: fat and stem cells
Harmsen, Netherlands
4.00 pm Adipokines and growth factors in fat transplants
Meyer J, Germany
4.15 pm What happens after transplantation
Schreiter, Germany
4.30 pm Discussion
4.45 pm Coffee Break
Reconstructive / Breast:
5.15 pm Are Stem Cells dangerous?
Combellack, Great Britain
5.30 pm Breast Reconstruction by Fat Grafting
Heine, Germany
7.30 pm Social Evening
7.45 am Registration
8.15 am Brest augmentation
Finckenstein, Germany
8.45 am Tubular breast no implants anymore!
Ueberreiter, Germany
9.00 am Breast implant illness
Tanzella, Germany
9.15 am Large Volume Fat grafting for Facial rejuvenation
Surlemont, France
10:50 am Facial hemiatrophy
Stabile, Italy
10.00 am Coffee Break
Stem Cells:
10.30 am Isolation of SVF or stem cells
Meyer J, Germany
10.45 am Mechanical Isolation of SVF
Van Dongen, Netherlands
11.00 am Arthrosis treatment with fatgraft: Hip and Knee
Stabile, Italy
Chronic wounds:
11.30 am Healing of chronic ulcers with autologous fat grafting
Stasch, Kenya
11.45 am Treatment of Sclerodermia with Fat
Almadori, Great Britain
12.00 pm Lunch Break in the Exhibition Area
1.30 pm Buttock augmentation with fat graft
Mercado, USA
1.50 pm The erectus shot for penile dysfunction
Mercado, USA
2.00 pm Body deformities and fat graft
Surlemont, France
2.15 pm Penile augmentation with fat graft
Gawai, India
2.35 pm Hand rejuvenation by Fat grafting
White, Germany
2.45 pm Discussion
3.00 pm End
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Prime location: NH Berlin Friedrichstrasse

The NH Berlin Friedrichstrasse, has a prime location on the world-famous Friedrichstrasse.

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BEAULI™ Partners

Thanks to all sponsors who contribute to the success of the upcoming BEAULI Symposium in 2022!

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International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)

This program has been reviewed by the Educational Council and is officially Endorsed by the ISAPS , the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Endorsement is not approval for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit. The organizers may at their discretion provide separate CME credit.


Meet renowned experts in the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery at the BEAULI Symposium.

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